Join missions and ministry leaders from across Canada to be equipped in supporting the mental health of your community. 


¬†‚úĒÔłŹ¬†Date:¬†May 22-23, 2024

Tyndale University
3377 Bayview Ave
Toronto, ON
M2M 3S4, Canada

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Hey there, Pastor, Ministry Leader or Member Care provider

Do you wonder if your ministry can do more to support mental health?

Isn't it frustrating when someone comes to you with a need, but you have no idea how to help?

Are you feeling stuck, overwhelmed, depleted, and exhausted?

How would you feel if all the best, tried and true resources were curated just for you and your ministry?

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Meet Our Keynote Speakers 

Dr. Margaret Clarke has a passion for supporting Christian leaders’ resilience and well-being, as a published researcher, professor, and professional therapist.

Daniel Whitehead leads Sanctuary Mental Health Ministries, an international organization that equips local churches to support mental health and wellbeing.

Dr. Karen Stel served as a missionary in Mali, Kenya, Mexico and Gabon and is now the President of the Missionary Health Institute.

Pastor Nouhoum began his ministry with Power to Change and in missions in West Africa.  Now he founded Grace Between Nations Ministries and pastors at Zion Alliance Church.

You Won't Want to Miss Our Pre-Conference Intensive Training

"Developing Your Support Skills Toolbox"

Participants will grow their skills to support others in this engaging and interactive training.  Walk away with improved knowledge and practical takeaways on skills like improving emotional intelligence, active listening, reflective responses, and self-regulation.  

"Cultural Awareness: Building Bridges with Care and Outreach"

You have compassion for others who suffer psychologically, spiritually, or emotionally, but you are unsure of how to support them due to cultural or religious differences. By creating a bridge to cross these obstacles, we will discover how to assist those who have been hurt.

"safeTALK Suicide Alertness Workshop"

This interactive suicide alertness workshop teaches individuals to:
-recognize the signs of suicide behaviour
-ask about suicide directly with confidence
-connect them to an intervention resource

Plus...Get Access to These Amazing Workshop Speakers

"Conflict Resolution In Marriages, Ministry, and Mission Teams"


"Spiritual Direction: Soul Care for the Caregivers"


"How To Build A Culture Of Care in Your Church"


"Trauma-Informed Ministry: Being a Safe Landing Place for the Hurting"


"Burnout Prevention and Recovery"

"An Inside Job: Leading With Resilience"


"In Over Our Head: When is it time to get backup support from mental health professionals in our effort to care for the congregation members"

"Cultivating Resilience In Vocational Ministry"


"Debriefing: Honouring Stories of Church And Mission Workers"

"Why Missionary Kids Need A Unique Form Of Care"

"Supporting Children With Anxiety"

"Supporting Children With Anxiety"


"How To Have A Healthy Lay Ministry For Those Struggling With Addictions"


"Restoring Hope for Troubled Marriages"

"Demystifying Mental Health Medicines: A Quick Guide For Christians"

"Breaking The Chains Of Anxiety: Faith-Based Strategies For Renewal Of The Mind"

"Identifying and Grieving Losses in Ministry Life"


"Listen Up: Harnessing the power of active listening to support mental wellness."

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Here's what you can expect:


1. Learn about the latest care resources and tools

2. Gain knowledge from Canadian experts

3. Connect with peer ministry leaders

4. Ask questions live during our breakout sessions

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Here's The Schedule:


Wednesday, May 22, 2024
8 am - Conference registration opens
9 am - Pre-Conference intensives *
Noon - Lunch for pre-conference participants*
1:00 pm - Plenary Session 
2:30 pm - Workshop A
4:00 pm - Panel Presentation

Thursday, May 23, 2024
7:45 am - Registration 
8:30 am - Plenary Session
9:45 am - Workshops B
11:00 am - Workshops C
Lunch (Included)
2:00 pm - Workshops D
3:15 pm - Workshops E
4:30 pm - Plenary Session

 *Up-graded ticket require for pre-conference sessions and lunch

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01. Register

Join us at the Ministry Mental Health Summit in Toronto, Canada.
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02. Pre-Conference Intensives

Our three pre-conference intensives offer incredible value! With the pre-conference ticket, you get one experience plus lunch included. 
1) Suicide prevention training  2) Support Skills Training 3) Cultural awareness training  

03. Book Your Accommodations

Book your travel and accommodations as they are not included in the ticket.  
If you want to stay on-site at Tyndale and don't mind the dorm experience. CLICK HERE to complete the accommodation request form. 

A group rate is available at the Courtyard Marriott about 10 minutes away. 
Click HERE to book with the group rate 

04. Bring Your Team

And finally, share this event with others on your team or in your community!
What a great opportunity to grow together and learn about new tools and resources to support your staff, church, and community. 

‚ėÜSave Your Seat‚ėÜ

The 2024 Ministry Mental Health Summit

Includes Lunch on May 23rd only

 Event Details: 

  • Date:¬†May 22-23, 2024

  • Location:¬†
    Tyndale University
    3377 Bayview Ave
    Toronto, ON
    M2M 3S4, Canada

  • Lunch on May 23rd included


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‚ėÜSave Your Seat‚ėÜ

The 2024 Ministry Mental Health Summit + Pre-Conference Intensive

Includes One Pre-Conference intensive & lunch on May 22 & 23rd

 Event Details: 

  • Date:¬†May 22-23, 2024

  • Location:¬†
    Tyndale University
    3377 Bayview Ave
    Toronto, ON
    M2M 3S4, Canada

  • Pre-conference intensives and Lunch on May 22 & 23 included


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Meet The Host

Hey there! I'm Laura, and I'm so excited to host the 2024 Canadian Ministry Mental Health Summit. 

I am a clinical social worker and Founder of Hope Made Strong and the Church Mental Health Summit. 

This year, I am excited to partner with MORE Network and Christar to offer you an awesome line-up of speakers and opportunities to build community.  

I hope you can learn and grow from every part of this event. 

There are speakers from all over Canada and with different backgrounds and experiences. 

The goal is to equip ministry leaders to serve and support their community, but also to strengthen their teams. 

I'm excited to join you in learning and in conversation. 

See you in May 2024! 

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Join ministry leaders from across Canada and be equipped to support the mental health of your leaders, church, and community.